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Enrolments for 2022 classes are now open!

​For advice on which grade or level is suitable, please read our recommended levels below, or send us an email, we'll be happy to help out. If there are any issues with your class choice or a class if at capacity we will contact you.

Once the completed enrolment is received, we'll email to confirm your class space and send through an invoice with payment details.

Existing students must re-enrol at the beginning of each new year and enrolment carries over to each term for the full year, unless we are notified you will not be returning. There is no need to re-enrol each term.

At the beginning of each year we hold an open day for any students to come to the studio, meet our teachers and view the studio space and purchase their uniform before the term commences.

2022 OPEN DAY: Friday 4th February from 3.30-6.00pm


Enrolment packs are emailed to previous students and anyone interested in enrolling in January each year.


We welcome new students throughout terms 1, 2 for exam levels, and 3 for non-exam levels only, if there is space. There are also close out periods close to exams times. Enrolments are closed in term 4 and no new students accepted. The start of the year is the best time to join to avoid missing learning the syllabus work.

Term fees are adjusted according to when a student begins mid term.

You are welcome to view a class you are interested in, however we do not offer trial classes. A student can only participate in a class once enrolment has been completed.  

Classes are capped and enrolments are based on first come-first served. A wait list will be started if a class is full.



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View our age guide to see which class/level would be

right for your student to join.

This is a general guide only and some children may fare better in a class where they are a bit older than others due to physical or social maturity or previous training. For students joining older than 8 years, classes will be selected based on experience and ability and will be determined by the directors. Our recommendations are always focused on what is best for the individual to have the most success and enjoyment.

Contemporary can be started from Grade 3 ballet & Intro 4 jazz and above (around 9 years old)

Fitness/Stretch and Aerobics can be started from Year 3 and above


Acrobatics: Ages are a guide only. Students will be assessed and placed in the class best suited to their ability/experience. Enrol in the recommended age bracket to begin, or contact us with the students age and previous experience for advice on which class may be good to join.


Tap: Mini students (6-8 years) can enrol in the Mini Tap class. For older students joining who do not know which exam level to join, experience can be noted with the enrolment, or contact us with the students age and previous experience for advice on which class may be good to join.


Junior ballet classes for Pre-Primary, Primary and Grade 1 attend one class per week. Where grades and levels have more than one class listed on the timetable, please select the day that suits you best.


Junior jazz classes from Beginner Jazz up to Intro 5 Jazz attend one syllabus class per week.

From Grade 2 ballet upwards, students must attend 2 syllabus classes per week.

Vocational Ballet:

Intermediate Foundation  and Intermediate must attend at least 3 classical classes per week, chosen from the syllabus classes available and Intermediate vocational extension.

Advanced levels must attend 5 classical classes per week, including 3 syllabus classes plus Advanced Pointe and Advanced Vocational Extension.


Junior Jazz classes: Students attend one class per week from Beginner Jazz up to Intro 5 Jazz. Where class day options are available, please select the preferred class day.

Senior Jazz classes: All jazz students Elementary 1 and above attend 2 classes, at least one syllabus class, and their levels relevant Open Jazz class.

Pre-school, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Acro and Aerobics students have one class per genre each week.

A commitment must be made to attending your selected classes to be considered for exams and for participation in the classes term 4 show item. Students must show at least 85% attendance each term. Lack of attendance may terminate your enrolment in the class.