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Regular attendance is vital for students to develop and keep abreast of their work. Students must be punctual. If late, please enter quietly, apologise to the teacher and join in with minimal disruption.

All students must be appropriately dressed for class with correct dance footwear. No excess jewellery to be worn including watches. Please see the gear shop or website for uniform requirements. It is expected that all students must be wearing the La Muse regulation uniform within 4 weeks from joining our studio. Students must wear uniform at all lessons.
Hair is to be neatly groomed and secured off the face. From Grade 1 Ballet and above, all ballet students must have a tidy, classical bun.

Any student inappropriately dressed will not be able to participate in class due to health and safety reasons.

Water in a bottle with a lid is allowed in class but absolutely no food in the studio.

Please respect the studio, changing rooms and bathroom as a shared space that needs to be kept clean and tidy for everyone to use. Place bags on the shelves provided to keep the foyer floor clear and safe. Use the bins provided for your rubbish and recycling.

Limited space is available in the studio for viewing classes and we have viewing windows so you can observe from outside of the studios. Viewing of classes is only permitted up until Grade 2/Intro 3. All classes above these levels are closed classes. Viewing week is during the final week of the term and dates will be indicated on the studio calendar.

There is a zero noise policy when viewing a class. Teachers should not have to ask parents viewing to be quiet, chatting during classes is inappropriate. No food to be consumed by anyone viewing in the studios, which includes additional children/pre-schoolers.

If you are needing to talk to your child's teacher, often there is not sufficient time to do so between classes as teachers will be preparing or starting their next class. Please either email or message, and if needed, a time can be arranged for them to contact you.

Please be considerate of teachers personal lives outside of studio hours. Although you can text or email 24 hours a day, we are not always working and will respond as quickly as we can.

Class alterations require 1 months notice to assist us with class availability and invoicing. Once a term has commenced, no refunds will be given. Please let us know if you are not attending a class anymore.

We offer annual examination sessions for RAD, NZAMD, AJDA and DanceNZmade.We encourage all our students to strive to sit their examinations. Exams create focus, determination and persistence and the pride and sense of achievement from working hard towards an exam is an invaluable life lesson.

Late June: DanceNZmade Jazz (Intro 3 and above), NZAMD Contemporary
Early August: DNZM Jazz (Intro 1 and 2)
Late August: RAD Ballet
September: AJDA Jazz (Intro 3 and above) and Tap


We strongly encourage all ballet students to attend the July holiday RAD polishing course. 5 consecutive days of class with an RAD examiner is immensely beneficial when preparing for an RAD examination.

Scheduled private lessons may be available if a student is requiring additional help. Please feel free to discuss with your teacher.

We offer private lessons for competitions, however these require a great deal of commitment for at least one year from the teacher, student and parent and careful consideration should be taken before deciding to enter competitions.
If a student is keen to know more about compeitions, please email us and we can send further infomation.


Aerobics students have the opportunity to compete in NZCAF regional and national events.

Correspondence is sent via email so it is essential that your enrolment form indicates an email address that is frequently checked. Please add to your contacts so the emails do not end up in your junk mail.

Name your uniform and your shoes! Try to collect all your belongings before leaving, anything left behind at the end of each day will be put in the lost property bin in the main foyer. All items remaining at the end of each term will be donated to charity.

Invoices are emailed 3 weeks prior to the start of term, with fees being due prior to the commencement of the term.
We offer a sibling discount of 10% for each additional child and the discount is taken off the child with lesser fees.

We welcome regular automatic payments but this must be organised prior to the commencement of term. There is an annual $15 admin fee for payment plans, invoiced in the term the student commences. Payment plan option can be selected at the time of enrolment, or please email  if you wish to make an arrangement. Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly and we will calculate the amount needed to cover fees with all fees to be paid before 1 December.

Our bank account details are indicated on your invoice for paying online. Please include the invoice number (eg. INV-1234) and the students name with all payments.  No cash or payments of any kind to be given to teachers during class. They are too busy teaching!

Late fees apply to overdue and unpaid term fees, and failure to pay fees will result in termination of the students enrolment.

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